Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another New Author!!

Hi all! I'd like to you consider an author friend of mine for your next purchase ^_^ below are the details and a short bio. If you haven't purchased mine yet, go ahead and click the link for both of our books! Support the lil guys before they get big =) Thanks in advance!


 JoVonna Rodriguez

Pronouns categorizes life through writing, which is often separated by visions and experience. Pronouns is a collection of poetry and prose describing every aspect of the human existence in relation to emotions, and highlighting every struggle and success. Pronouns is something everyone can feel.

Based on the principle that all life stories can be interchangeable, Pronouns explores each avenue, situation, and event. It starts off with a personal chapter introducing the author’s inspirations to write and poems that describe her life. Pronouns explores a different theme in each chapter, based on the definition of a pronoun: She, Him, Us, Them, and We.

Pronouns is a showcase of passion, covering an array of issues including abuse, sex, artistry, incarceration, love, political activism, sex, community collectiveness, youth, nature, and truth. It pays homage to Shatoya Currie (Girl X), 2009 Taser related deaths, incarcerated men, and our community. 

About the Author

JoVonna Rodriguez is a vessel for words and emotions. She is a native New Yorker who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia since graduating from Emory University. She is AmeriCorps alum whose commitment to service is now bridged with being a life long educator. She makes sure to incorporate creative and innovative ways of learning how to love reading and writing in her classroom. JoVonna is releasing her first book of poetry and prose entitled, Pronouns. For more on JoVonna Rodriguez and Pronouns check her out at:, @JoskiDiesel or

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