Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do you think?

Short Circuited


Did anyone else feel that?

It crept eerily up your spine

Or was it just your mind


Tricks on you.

Sitting there sippin your poison

When something interrupts your vibe.

Not an unwanted reaction

Just not expected, when

Out of nowhere…

While your mind was somewhere



You pivot to expand

Your peripheral view

In order to encompass the one

That has already

Touched you.

This search is droning on

As you listen to song after song

But you are still distracted

Unable to place

The cause of this feeling

Not easily erased.

It still nibbles at

Your inner core

Refusing to be ignored

But where

Is the inspiration

Behind this invocation?

Still playing it cool

And trying not to drool

You spin fully

Still looking around


You finally catch a glimpse

Of the back of that soul

Passing smoothly

Thru the crowd

Sending ripples

Towards you.

Are the vibrations really


How can they be this

Strong and yet

The sender is


What being can

Possess this magnitude

Of reaching and

Detaining you

It fills and swells your


You sway to the song and try to

Follow along

The sensations calling to

Every cell in your


To seek out

The source.

Suddenly your mission is terminated

By someone else in your face

And you feel assaulted

You’ve been robbed of

Distracted from

Pulled from

The spell of

An internal connection.

Copyright 2009 Natasha Guy

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Feel


Let’s do the dance tonight of pleasure and pain.

I’ll move my curves to the sultry tones and call your imagination to the playground.

My voice will caress your neurons and cause some firing manifestations.

Together we can cause a few reactions that you forgot or didn’t even know existed.

As the words float between my lips and the mic, close your eyes and come...with us.

Meet us in the world that we’ve created, where sensuality is tangible and taste is visible.

Let us call to your every sense and don’t forget to answer from the depths of your soul.

Feel our warm breath on your neck in short heightened spurts.

Acknowledge the little hairs on your arms standing erect and tall in response.

Revel in the words sliding over your goose bumps like warm molten wax molding to your form.

Allow yourself to be completely lost and find all of yourself simultaneously.

See the curves of my voice paint a picture of erotic phantasm begging to be pleased.

Taunting like a silhouette raised to extreme heights of orgasmic plateaus yearning to go higher.

Be enchanted with the vibrations pulsating along with the rhythm of the words.

Watch while the tantric undulations prepare a feast for your eyes.

Let your tongue sample of the sweetness dripping from my…verbal stimulation.

The aroma of vibrant metaphors makes you salivate as if you hear the bell.

Bring your appetite while we satisfy all the cravings you possess.

Like drinking an addictive aphrodisiac, let the reverberations slide down your throat.

Welcome to the verbally charged atmosphere of the open mic stage.

Copyright 2009 Natasha Guy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to writing!

No Longer Accepting Applications

I’m terminating the search.

I need a man who knows what a woman needs.

My wants will be answered when my needs are met.

The place still stands empty.

The right man will step into it without asking.

So I’m tearing up the questionnaire.

The interviews have ended.

I haven’t made a decision.

I no longer want to choose.

I’m tired.

The position is still open.

I’m no longer actively searching for the fill though.

I am complete on my own until I find my compliment.

My hand is open, not a tight fist closed.

It’s waiting patiently to be held.

I don’t want the magical swept away love.

I need one that can meet me here with two feet planted firmly on the ground.

It will grow with roots intertwined.

Strong roots being a natural occurrence.

It won’t feel forced or coerced.

The man made for the spot will not waiver.

He wants to be my rock and strength.

He sees me as his pillow and refuge.

He needs to be there.

He will know his place when he sees it vacant.

He will approach me and point to the spot.

He will say, “That’s my place and I’m here now.”

He will claim it and be a perfect fit.

He won’t be scared of my past.

He won’t be intimidated of our future.

He will stand strong.

He will simply exist.

Copyright 2009 Natasha Guy

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hair I just read a blog about black women being "afraid" to acknowledge their black hair by perming it. Now dont get me wrong I know there are some people out there who may perm their hair specifically because they dont want to "embrace" their black culture. However, WHYYYY do I have to keep my hair natural just to embrace the culture? The black culture is not JUST hair. I'm so annoyed with this! The way I wear my hair has nothing to do with how black I am! I'm not less black because I perm it, and I'm not more black when I decide not to. I do what I can manage the best at the time.

Sometimes thats to straighten it, other times it's easier to not worry about perming it. In the winter, I like to wear my hair down. I like how it looks straight and flat, so I perm it almost religiously during the winter months. I like to swim or be outside during the summer. It's also way too hot to keep it down; the way my head sweats, itd be frizzy anyway. So, during the summer months I usually don't perm my hair at all...maybe once lol. Braids or pony tails, etc work best during those months.

I say all that to hair doesnt not make me who I am. It just means I was feeling it that day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Haikus

I am missin you
Always seems youre just too far day.

Epitome of man
Exactly who I yearn for
Come fulfill my wish.

You remind me of
Love so sweet and innocent
Help me birth one more.

Sometimes you'll find me
Craving for easy
Make my dream come true?

Copyright 2009 Natasha Guy

Friday, July 3, 2009

Yay San Diego

Okies quick update. I'm in San Diego (yes again for those who know me well). I've gotta go get a cake soon to make for tomorrow's BBQ. Gonna hang with Sarah, her parents and my Kev. I'll be down here til Tues afternoon. Then on Wed I'll head back with kids in tow in the am. Cant wait for my babies to be home. I'm hoping [praying] that my head will not erupt too badly while they are here. We have soooo much planned...I'm tired already lol.

For the weekend plans, I've got the BBQ and the beach. Yay sun [please head hold up]. I should put my contacts in too...hmm. I'm currently watching NCIS and excited for True Blood on Sunday lmao. So so sad that I staye up last nite watching this seasons episodes so far as well as last seasons finale. Tonite I think I shall be packing, drinking, and baking, what a combo lmao.

BTW her cats freak me out from time to time =) no...really they do! One was sitting between us and starts gagging and hocks up a loogie EWWWW. I'm very very very grossed out by bodily fluids. VERY. EXTREMELY. GROSSED. OUT. Then...thennnnnn the other one, barfed up this nassy arse hairball. Like it almost made me sick. Have you ever seen a cat regurgitate one of those fawkers? *shudder* OMG. EW. Ok sooooooo moving on now.

Ever have a friend constantly complain to you about something for months and months on end, ask you for advice, then go against what you suggested repeatedly? I mean...this is a simple linear equation! A+B=C. A being your action and B being the person with whom you are dealing. If C is undesireable, and you want result D, not equal to C, STOP DOIN' A!!!!!!!!! Just because you try it from a diffy angle doesnt mean that you can get D. You need to do something different. Why does it take people YEARS to understand this? A + B CANNOT = D...EVARRRRRR lmao. SMH sorry...its just frustrating to see multiple people do this with others continuously.

I think for the main part...people do this [this back n forth maybe it can work BS] because when they initially separate, they dont take the time to go thru the 5 phases for the death of the relationship. They stall somewhere and dont accept it, so they fall susceptible to it agai and again. It saddens me to see this. Not that I havent done it once or twice, but normally no, if i walk its done. If I DO make that nonfamiliar trek back, I'm not going the A route, i change up. Its worked once. The other time, not so much. BLAH, I'm gonna stop rambling.

Its a beautiful day in sunny San Diego. I love long as I'm not driving in it lmao!

Hasta Luego Fa Now!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Actual Blog LOL

So instead of a piece of writing, today I'm actually going to blog lol. All the stars dying lately have made me think alot. Seeing people cry and fall apart over an image, a person that they may not have even seen in person EVER...makes me sick. Within the same week, a friend of mine lost her baby and another tried to commit suicide. Some of these same people falling over themselves about a celebrity, wouldnt lend anywhere near that amount of energy towards a distant relative or friend. It saddens me to realize this. It breaks my heart for my friends, that their day of pain be earmarked by a celebrity's death. I left the past week with a lot of anger and "woosah"ing lol. I'm better now, but its still a very close emotional rage with which I'm forcing myself to deal.

This week, I've had a few friends come to me, just to have me listen or give insight that they think I may have. It's also been an inspiring week because I have learned that the things I have gone thru are not just for me. Not only am I to learn from my trials, but I am to turn around and help others if I can. By no means am I saying that I'm some new found guru LOL. I am far far from that. However, it means a lot to me that even one person can find strength, inspiration or just a feeling that they are not alone by talking to me.

So I guess this is dedicated to all of my friends. I look forward to continuing to laugh, cry and just LIVE with you in my life and me in yours.