Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Write

‎"Wetness and Sharp Objects"

Blood pouring from veins
Over slick shiny scalpels,
Cum spilling from between her thighs,
Drenching rigid phallic flesh.
They were born to be together.

Just as I penetrate my heart,
Then utilize my blood as ink,
He rode her bareback viciously,
Trying to drown his thoughts.
They were the perfect fit.

A blow torch's flame licks at metal bars,
Melting them down upon their own firmness.
Even a toothbrush was specifically created
To be covered in flowing saliva.
They were made for each other.

In movies, the girl in the shower,
She's always brutally impaled;
It's usually raining heavily
When an axe meets another skull.
They are what get good reviews.

So choose your tool with careful consideration,
For it will be covered with all my saturation.
What part of me do you desire oozing over you?
With feverish curiosity, only satisfaction will do.
We will be beautiful together.

Copyright © 2011 Natasha Guy

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