Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poetic Melody In Four Movements

Poetic Melody In Four Movements – Crapsey Cinquains, Haiku, Tanka and Senryu

The lines of fate
And destiny hover
The conscious minds struggling to
Break free.

Hummingbirds seem to
Hover delicately just
Above the flowers.

The pistols and the
Stems make up the pretty scene
As we pretend to
Contemplate the intricate
Nature of nature itself.

Silly little folks
We are, imagining we
Understand nature.

We will
Often find that
Our natural states can
Be the most uncomfortable
Know you.

Is the natural
State of nakedness really
Who we’re meant to be?

Or are we to strive
For something more spiritual
When we consider
The reflection that returns
Starts when we peek in mirrors?

Mirrors are like the
Abyss that we attempt to
Foolishly embrace.

The look in your
Own eyes to truly see
What lies in wait to devour
Your soul.

Lions roam among
The blades of grass waiting for

How many of us
Roam through our own dreams in day
And night still searching
For someone else’s soul to
Prey on other than our own?

Such are the minds of
Unscrupulous people who
Obsess over gain.

To grasp
True gain and thus
Freedom from bondage of
Society’s weights and measures
Is truth.

What goes up must come
Down, according to the laws
Which nature assigned.

The great balancing
Act is found throughout
All relations and
Whether we embrace them or
Not, they still exist and rule.

But rules were meant to
Be broken, or so we say.
We all seek true life.

Copyright ©2011 Natasha Guy