Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Si, Se Puede!

You can do it!
Usted lo puede hacer!
Vous pouvez le faire!
Sie können es machen!
U kunt het doen!
Pode fazê-lo!
그것은 당신이 할 수 있는 일
Lei può farlo!
Du kan gøre det!

In any language, it means the same thing.
I believe in you!

I was gonna add more to this, but i decided that it can stand alone, on its own, strong without something extra.

Copyright © 2009 Natasha Guy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

My Next Bad Habit

I’m starting to feel that familiar pull once more.
Twitching like a fiend, I’m about to knock down the door.
It’s worse than a nicotine craving one can feel,
As long as you don’t touch me, it won’t become real.

Boy, you’re about to be my next bad habit.
I’m trying to break the cycle, cuz I’ve already had it.
I’ve been down this road before and remember it well.
You’re the first addiction on another path to hell.

I see you and immediately my eyes are over come with a glaze.
Your style, voice and words tend to leave me in a daze.
I need to be stronger than this since my eyes are open wide.
I’m being pulled out to sea by the undercurrent and tide.

Boy, you’re about to be my next bad habit.
The stench this will leave on me is gonna be rancid.
I see the end before we begin this whole ordeal.
Why can’t I seem to protect the heart I know you’ll steal?

I see the first shoe, like a Jimmy Choo, it has my attention.
I forget to watch for the second one to drop, the one you didn’t mention.
When it falls, I remember what I forgot, but let me be candid.
I knew from the start you’d be my next bad habit.
Some of us, me included, do this all the time. We go the distance to start something when we’ve already seen the end of the road. We spend our time trying to paint the sky a different color. This level of deception to others and/or to self is detrimental to all over emotional health. We can’t claim to be victims of things we allow to happen, when it happens in plain sight and we ignore all the warning signs. Now, I’m not pointing fingers at everyone but me, I’ve done this too. This piece at first glance makes me say, why on earth do we do that? We see the writing on the wall and refuse to acknowledge it. We head into it with all of the “what if” thoughts swarming our minds. Let’s make a conscious effort to not wait for the other shoe to drop. Just take both shoes and fined a new street beforehand.
Copyright © 2009 Natasha Guy

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just a lil something extra

My Qualities

I have the ability to walk, see and speak.

I do not have perfect health.

I have food to eat, somewhere to live, clothes to wear.

I do not have a full bank account.

I have friends, family and children to speak to frequently.

I do not have constant physical access to them.

I have a loving and caring soul.

I do not have a bitter spirit.

I have experienced love and hate.

I do not always have the capacity to return them as given.

I have faith, peace and grace that pass natural understanding.

I do not have enough apathy to fully give up.

I have my specific beliefs about God, politics and the state of the world.

I do not have the energy to force them upon you.

I have a sense of humor about a lot of things.

I do not have a tolerance for stupidity.

I have a multi-ethnic background that comes with preconceptions.

I do not have a stereotypical anything.

I have the ability, want and desire to create words, ideas and tangible items.

I do not have the ability to thrive within a cage.

I have the perseverance to be real at all costs.

I do not have the weakness of deception.

I have the will to embrace builders, movers and survivors.

I do not have time for the walking dead.

I have accepted the tough love school of thought.

I won’t stand for any pity party, including my own.

I am simply me…who are you?

Copyright © 2009 Natasha Guy

A short story I wasnt sure if I was going to post this or not when it was written and I decided that you guys would get to see another side of me if I shared it. So enjoy...oh, this is a bit "mature" so dont say I didnt warn you!

Another Level for Us

You remind me firmly, “No work in the bedroom,” when you see me reach for the laptop out of the corner of your eye.
“I’m just reading your latest creation to keep me company until you’re out of the shower, baby. So, technically it’s still just me and your brilliance in bed.” I smile and give you a wink as you disappear into the bathroom shaking your head. I sip on my hot chocolate and pray that you don’t use all the hot water. I lose track of time and myself while reading yet another amazing work that has escaped from your mind. I always have a renewed awe for you when you unveil another piece. The sudden halt of the downpour in the next room coincides with the click of my closing laptop. The clock confirms that it’s only been twenty minutes since you entered. I gather my night clothes into a pile on the end of the bed so I can go in next.
You saunter into the room, still damp but not dripping, with a bath sheet around your waist. I giggle lightly when you raise one eyebrow quizzically at the gleam in my eye. I plant a kiss on your cheek in passing, my change of clothes in my arms. I reappear just as quickly to see you reaching for the body lotion on the dresser. With a naughty glance, I lift the bottle from your hands and nod my directions. Understanding me completely, you reveal chocolate velvety skin and lay back on the bed slowly. I squeeze lotion into my hands and rub them vigorously to warm things up. I use my wrist to turn up the volume dial so that Chopin fills the room. You shake your head no. I guess that won’t be the soundtrack for tonight. You hold up three fingers and solicit another giggle from me. Jazz, my favorite, it is. I return to you and caress every inch of your silky skin, covering it with lotion and kisses. Somewhere in the process your breathing deepened and your eyes slipped shut. I gently kiss your forehead and cover you with a sheet before I go to the shower. I know you’ll come around before I’m done, but a power nap won’t hurt.
My shower takes twice as long as yours. I lotion and dress in the bathroom. I quietly tip toe back to the bedroom, just in case you’re still sleeping. I poke my head in the room and erupt in laughter to see you grinning, sitting naked in the glow of the stereo system. I carefully watch your smile fade when you recognize my satin button-up night shirt; I only wear this when it’s that time of the month. You know when you see my hair wrapped up in a scarf that I’ve already lotioned too and am ready for bed. Disappointed, you watch me climb onto my side of the bed and disguise it with a smile of your own. You turn to kiss me goodnight and I bolt upright suddenly. I remember that I forgot to turn off the bathroom light and slowly climb back out of bed. I hear you sigh and turn over as I promise to return shortly.
Moments later I enter the bedroom again. “Baby, I know you’ve had a really long day. Can you help me with something? It will only take a second.”
“It really can’t wait? I just got comfortable.”
“Well, I’m having trouble with this button. Can you help me undo the last one, please?”
You turn over slowly, a bit confused, and peer up at me through one open eye. Your eyes aren’t the only things that bulge once you focus on the sight before you. My hair is hanging just below my shoulders in soft curls. My eyes, full of love, are centered and focused on you. As you survey and take a visual inventory of the new lingerie in your favorite color, I move just out of reach. Simultaneously, CD number four cues up and Eric Benet begins to croon. I twirl and move to the rhythm of the music to show off the new sheer and lace effectively. I begin to edge the straps off my shoulders, but you place your hand on mine and stop my progress. My face reveals my own confusion as you lead me closer to the end of the bed. Still seated on the edge of the bed, you softly hold my hands away from my body and bury your face in the crook of my neck. I try to shy away and you mumble into my hair. Your grip tightens firmly, restricting me from fleeing. I think I hear a faint growl and the words “all mine.” I quit fighting the feeling and give in to enjoyment.
Just as I’m getting used to your warm lips and breath on my neck, your teeth nip at my shoulder and send a chill up my spine. I shudder and release a barely audible moan in response. I feel your lips curl against my skin, acknowledging the pleasure between us. You let go of my right hand just long enough for me to take my arm out of the strap. I take the liberty to rub my hand across your head while my hand is free. You see it as an opportunity to cup my now exposed breast. In a combined effort, my nipple finds its way into your mouth. Skillfully you guide my other arm out of its strap and run your tongue through the valley between my breasts. Your soft lips make the rest of my body jealous of my nipples. The hunger you express pulls various pleasure sounds from my throat that obviously amuse you. While you feast on exposed skin, my hands gently massage your shoulders and back. We exchange glances that only encourage the growing fire in our eyes.
You take a moment to retrieve my hands and make room so you can stand eye to eye with me. I try to kiss you and caress your face. Again, you immobilize my hands and wink seductively. My heart speeds up a bit at the thought of the unknown. My mind wanders a bit as I listen to the words of Eric Benet in the background, my skin tingling where it touches yours. On the brink of breaking the pregnant silence between us, I stand in your strong grip. The sudden burst of flame I see in your eyes steals my breath as your mouth comes crashing down on mine. Your hands snake around my waist and you pull me to you while stripping away the remaining pieces of flimsy material. When I inhale, I only take in more of your soul and your spirit. The feeling is almost smothering, but the more you give, the more I crave it. You instinctually answer my plea with more passion than I’ve ever felt between us before.
My leg naturally wraps around your hip in efforts to meld our bodies together. You shove your hands down over my hips and butt and in one smooth motion you have me pinned up against the wall. Suddenly, I find my legs around your waist, your hands strongly supporting me and our circular breathing rising above our chosen album for the night to make sweet music of our own. After a half hour of hard pounding, toe curling, soul freeing mixing of flesh, my spirit stops soaring long enough for me to feel the carpet under my feet again. The pressure between my ears eases up enough for me to notice CD 5 is spouting the ocean’s nature sounds into the bedroom. A giggle escapes my exhausted lungs as we both climb back onto the bed. We take a few moments to settle together beneath the sheets and covers; our sweat drenched bodies a bit chilled. I fight for my eyelids to stay open as I lay my head on your chest and listen to your heart beat in my ears. I smile at the movement of the little hairs on your chest in response to my deep, even breathing. You stroke my hair lightly and kiss my forehead before whispering my name.
“Goodnight, my love,” I hear you say. The vibrations from your speech coax a tired tear from my drooping eyes. I smile at the happy stream and succumb to the satisfying slumber.
Sun is pouring through the blinds when I awake alone in the big bed clenching one of our overstuffed pillows. I sit up and listen for running water or footsteps somewhere else in the house. Something feels a little off. My hand gravitates toward my necklace as I try to focus. I gasp in horror finding my husband’s ring hanging next to my sinking heart. My sobs pierce the silence painfully. One exact year from the day he died, my husband gave me the greatest comfort of all: one more night in his arms.
Copyright © 2009 Natasha Guy